About Me

Frank Lo - Is the Museum Curator and Archivist. He has  been collecting Face Impressions for over 18 years. It is within the last few years that he had decided to make a museum so that the faces that have had an impact on society will be preserved forever. Over 250 faces collected so far will soon be available for public viewing in 2 physical museums. One will be in Orlando and the other will be in Las Vegas. Each will have faces on display so that they may be touched. That will allow the blind to see as well. Unfortunately the pandemic has slowed our opening plans. Planning will resume once the virus has cleared. The unique proprietary methods used in making faces allow for not only Museum quality impressions that will outlast a Nuclear bomb and floods but he also has devised the fastest and most comfortable duplication process. Although Frank is highly in demand and known for top quality he is always open to new additions to the Museum. You can reach Frank Lo at  407 381 3600

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