Frank Lo has a wealth of experience in face duplication and can create duplications in just about any setting. We can meet you in studios, backlots, trailers, on location, locker rooms, buses, airplanes, your home, you just name it. Duplications and museum placement is $1000 for the 1st and $50 for each additional non-celebrity friend or family member. Acceptions are sometimes made depending upon circumstances. Celebrities only will be placed in the museum. We will take one for the museum and make up to 5 wall mount copies of your face for free for you to have. They make great family gifts and are excellent for legacy reasons.  A video and a photograph are nice but to have the actual impression / shape of the face is outstanding with no comparison to quality anywhere. Have you seen your face in 3D? The portable duplication studio is always in ready condition. We also offer 3D DIGITAL replications.    

Give Frank Lo a call today! (407) 381-3600, or email me on the Contact me page.

Frank Lo offers the following services:

  • Face Duplications for you & your family
  • Duplications for your friends
  • Makes Excellent Gifts
  • Services can be provided for Special Events
  • Hero's
  • Corporate CEO's
  • On location high-quality multiple processing
  • Coloring - Glow in the Dark - Chrome - Gold etc..
  • Mounting kits
  • Other body parts possible
  • Private sessions

Frank Lo is always open too new ideas. If you don't see something on the list, call Frank Lo and discuss the possibilities.

(407) 381-3600
Confidentiality guaranteed!

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